How To Improve Your Relationship With Teenagers 3
We continue the series of having a better relationship with your children and teenagers. In this episode, you’ll learn why children constantly say NO, and how you can control it.
Empowering Your Kids
Empowerment involves knowing what we need and asking for it, and this is what kids can learn at a young age. A lesson for kids and parents, alike.
Concentrating on Millennials
This show discusses the attributes of Millennials and how they think. While watching this, we learn they have marked and made their own spot in society.
How To Better Our Relationship With Teenagers
For parents who will have a teenager, for parents that do have a teenager, and for parents that raised teenagers, this show is for you. This is an in depth look at our relationships with teenagers, and what they expect.
An Interview: Our Youngest Student
Today’s guest, is Kyra, the youngest student of Scripture Therapy and Choice Theory. Kyra, at the age of 5, wanted to be a pilot.
More of Self-Counseling with STACT 4
AViewer’s question is answered in today’s show regarding tithing. Who does tithing belong to? Can we borrow it, or use it for our own benefit, even if it’s an emergency?
More of Self-Counseling with STACT 3
This is a continuation of a discussion abouot our upcoming book. Today’s subject dives into answering a viewer’s question. There is quite a bit to learn from the answer.
More of Self-Counseling with STACT 2
This is a continuation of last week’s show, which produces some interesting statistics that we should to be aware of. For example: 47% of our youth are in therapy! Watch to learn more.
Self-Counseling with STACT
Discussing their new book, Self-Counseling With STACT, Les and RoxAnne begin explaining how self-counseling works.
Answering Viewers Questions
Today’s show is dedicated to the viewers. Many have written in, and today the show is about answering and discussing questions that have been written in.
SEEAL Assessment 2
Part 2 – SEEAL – Spiritual, Educational, Economic, Administrative, and Leadership. This will guide us through an inventory of ourselves and where we are in life.
SEEAL Assessment
SEEAL – Spiritual, Educational, Economic, Administrative, and Leadership. This will guide us through an inventory of ourselves and where we are in life.
It’s An Individual Process
As you walk through the process of Choice Theory and Scripture Therapy, you will learn quickly that all choices are yours. Coaching can assist you, advice you, give instructions, but during this journey, it’s your choice to succeed, and align yourselves with what’s right
In Depth Look Into Coaching
Coaching is to instruct, direct, or prompt with some intensive training. Whether being a life coach, athletic coach, there are many levels of passion and intensity.
Biblical Definition of Fun
There is a difference between secular and Biblical fun. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. The Bible speaks of joy, and fun brings the joy into our lives. Watch and learn what true fun is according to the Bible.
A Look At Internal Empowerment
Although Christians are used to focusing on the eternal, we are going to focus on the internal – with eternal results. The internal is where are lives are based.
Dwelling In Your Past
Today’s subject deals with whether or not we should spend a lot of our time in our past, versus living in the here and now. The past cannot change, so the past should not be the focus.
The Struggles of Not Having Power to Control
Today’s topic deals with being powerless and the struggles that people go through, with themselves and other people. Sometimes we feel very trapped, and without choice during these times.
Choice Theory and Internal Empowerment
Some are raised with the theory that we have no choices in life. We hear frequently as children, “… because I said so!” Today’s show goes deep into the area of you making your own choices.
There Is Another Way
With everything in life we go through, and we look for different ways to assist us in life. We can always know there is Another Way. The way is through Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of all good things.
What Does God Think of Therapy
Have you ever thought about what God thinks of therapy? Is it going to far into the secular world? Lets’ see.
The Importance of Following Jesus
In the path of discovering who we are, and why we’re here, it is important to know why we must follow Jesus. That’s our topic today, what and who Jesus is, and why it’s important to follow Him, in discovering who we are.
Responding To More Questions
We have another session of answering more questions. Les and RoxAnne take time in today’s show to respond to email that have come in from their viewers. Today they answer the question about “How to love someone from across the street.”
Responding To Questions
Les and RoxAnne take time in today’s show to respond to email that have come in from their viewers. Today they answer the question, “How do you love someone from across the street?”
The Power of God
Knowing who you are, what does the Power of God mean to you? Is the power of God indescribable? When we allow the power of God to work in our lives, we learn how it can effect us in a positive way.
The Foundation of Scripture Therapy
The foundation of Scripture Therapy is based on what God tells us about who we are? God being a forever, non-ending God, with all wisdom, can teach us who we are with the foundation of His Word.
Scripture Therapy On The Go
One of the students, Rick Davis, of Scripture Therapy takes it on the road. Listen to his testimonies as he travels into Austin, Texas for some rewarding moments of sharing.
Interview with Stephen Scott
Our guest today shares his testimony of where God has brought him in life. A financial consultant and an Elder in the church, Stephen Scott has a wonderful uplifting, inspirational testimony.
Who Are You. Really, Really, Think About it Before You Answer
The discussion of Who Are You, with the 5 basic needs, begins to reach into your personal life deeper with this show. There are some questions for you to answer and email in and give you great enlighten on who you are.
5-Basic Needs and Who God Says You Are
Reviewing the 5 basic needs of determining who we are, and realizing the true way to determine this is only by, and through, the Word of God. Today’s show moves beyond who we are in greater details by answering this question, what thoughts do you have about yourself?
Basic Need: Fun
In this episode they discuss, the topic of FUN! This lesson discusses the areas of fun and what the meaning of it is to you. The topic dives into the different ways that we experience fun and joy in our lives.
Basic Need: Freedom
In this episode of the teachings, they discuss the topic of Freedom. Freedom deals with your free will of choice, independence, liberty, moving, flexibility, and more. Watch to grab a sense of your freedom, and what it means to you.
Basic Need: Power
Continuing the discussion on the 5 basic needs, today’s topic is Power. Some say it’s all about control, while others state you never want power OVER someone, but rather with someone. What is your definition of power?
Basic Need: Love and Belonging
So we’ve gone through some major points of defining ourselves. We’re in the middle to discussing the 5 basic needs we need to identify ourselves. Today, we move to number to, Love and Belonging. As we watch, we’ll be able to define how we fit into being loved and the need of belonging.
Who and What We are by our 5-Basic Needs
On today’s show, Les and RoxAnne Triché begin the path of discussing our 5-Basic needs and how they define who we are. These basic needs help us to discover who, and what, we are in God.
Who and What We Are
In today’s show, we discuss, “Who and What we Are,” in the natural carnal sense, but when it comes to God, it’s a different story.
Scripture Therapy: What Is It, Part 2
Let’s get into the depths of what Scripture Therapy is, and what it’s meant to accomplish. This session begins the training of what ST is really about, and what it can do for you. Part 2
Scripture Therapy, What Is It
Scripture Therapy, what it’s it all about and what does it do?
Defending Religious Freedom with Brad Dacus, Part 2
Part 2 – Brad Dacus, Christian Attorney defending Religious Freedom. He defends Christians who are under attack by schools, social services, government and any other organization that attacks Christian Rights, and has won major cases.
Defending Religious Freedom with Brad Dacus, Part 1
Brad Dacus, Christian Attorney defending Religious Freedom. He defends Christians who are under attack by schools, social services, government and any other organization that attacks Christian Rights, and has won major cases.
An Interview with pilates and Zumba Trainer Julianne Land
Julianne Land is a pilates and zumba trainer. See a demonstration of her training, and listen to a great testimony of how God brought this all about.
Learning Who and What FCCI is All About
Our guests today discuss the meaning of, and the representation of Fellowship of Companies for Christ International (FCCI).
Unusual Leadership That Stands Out
Our guests, Matthew McKinney and Scot Shier describe their ability to stand out and be great leaders in their industry. From employee to CEO, you’ll catch something in this show to give God glory.
Discussing Real Estate and Land Ownership
Today’s guests, Matthew Kaae and Ray Benito discuss how God can work His way into your business, if you allow Him. As you watch, you’ll be able to catch how God moves and creates divine appointments.
How do You Scripture Therapy?
James Christy, today’s guests goes into his testimony of being a student of Scripture Therapy and how he uses it in his everyday life. Not only is it effective in his life, he takes his knowledge to his peers.
Interview with ST Students Fabiola Fuentes and Licole Brown
This episode deals with how to approach today’s youth and Millennials with their issues and circumstances they deal with in today’s society. You’ll learn some great techniques that will help the youth walk into your thinking.
Rick Davis and Carleen Glasser discuss Scripture Therapy & Choice Theory
Hear the powerful testimony of Rick Davis, a graduate from the Scripture Therapy course. Learn the benefits of taking Scripture Therapy and joining it with Choice Theory, and producing positive change in your life.
An Interview With: Carleen Glasser and Shearon Bogdanovich
Our guests, Carleen Glasser, widow of the world renowned William Glasser, discusses the views of Choice Theory and Scripture Therapy. Shearon Bogdanovich is an instructor of the William Glasser Institute.