Read personal stories of students who have seen or experienced the effectiveness of Scripture Therapy

“Use all your skill to put me together; I wait to see your finished product.”
Psalm 25:21 MSG

Before Scripture Therapy and Choice Theory (STACT):

I was in the room of discovery. Being introduced to a new light – the gift of choice, its power and side effects. I still unknowingly had not connected with the inner part of my true self. Only allowing part of me to be available because overtime I felt the only way to be accepted was to dummy myself down (go along to get along). 

I didn’t think I trusted myself and believed I didn’t trust in God fully. I could clearly see somethings but blind to my own self destruction. That’s what high levels of anger caused in me blindness and self-sabotage. So many other things that I have already spoken of like my joy and hope being resurrected. Happy and the strength building of my will came after STACT. However, I woke up!

After Class: 

This class has helped me accept myself and realize – I don’t have to exlain myself unless the situation permits, and that is a God understanding thing. I learned, I do tryst myself, I was just living in other people’s doubts o themselves and I started seeing myself through their eyes that cause my mental illness (PTSD)!

My experience is when we allow anger or doubt-due to life’s pains inside, and it affects our minds view and turn our love into anything other than love. It creates a type of mind as related to heart pain.

This new mindset that I am practicing has made me feel a sense of freedom, and peace I have never felt. I am learning not to react to other people’s stuff (a process). 
However, realized in all I was the person I was looking for- I was missing in action. Thinking I needed to be approved of!  I see now am already approved. I just had to see me, and accept I am intentionally, and wonderfully made. I have my own specifications that many may never understand -because I am Gods perfect work. 

So, I don’t need to beat myself up anymore because I don’t see where I fit in or wait to be approved of – I am approved. That’s why I love the verse above. It helps me rest in knowing I was always on purpose. No matter the journey – God always came and got me. I have come to understand I needed all the good, bad, and ugly to walk into true love – agape. All my experience after the washing and sorting. 

Now I am on the path of true love. With that I realized I have always trusted God! I just let disappointment separate me and anger hold me hostage. I never stop praying or talking or questioning Him. I kept believing even when I fought through doubt and when my works crashed. I chose kept moving until with hope no matter how small the seed.
Now I see how God never left me and protected me through the storms that constructed me. Now I get to experience his continued resurrection within until He is finished. 

So, this class help bring my understanding the operation of my Will into more clarity and how I view my decision making. I whole heartedly recommend this book and class when offered!

Charlene Triche- Graduate Scripture Therapy & Choice Theory 

“Over the past seven years, I have experienced a number of life changing events both on a personal and professional level. During these times, I found myself challenged and needing an understanding as to which direction I should follow. It is during those times I relied on RoxAnne Triché’s coaching to bring clarity to those situations and help guide me in the right direction.

Through our sessions and training in Internal Empowerment, I found the courage and strength to make well-informed decisions and the commitment to see them through. I am truly amazed that these models apply to all aspect of your life.

For instance, in my working life, when dealing with employees, customers, management, etc. I know I cannot control anyone else’s behavior. I can, however, fashion my management style to encourage and promote encouraging constructive communication, which ultimately increases morale and, of course, improve productivity and customer relations.

Also, these practices have helped me to make informed decisions when dealing with my family and friends. One of my favorite models is “loving someone from across the street.” This has given me the courage to know when I am dealing with people who are standing in the way of me achieving what I want; simply put, distancing myself from ‘toxic relationships.’

What I learned helps keep me grounded and on the right path. I consciously evaluate how I make decisions and what the potential outcome could be. On an internal level, I am more confident in how I make decisions on a professional and personal level.

I want to thank RoxAnne and Internal Empowerment for the encouragement, confidence, and guidance to always take a look within myself to live a life with healthy and fruitful relationships.

In closing, I would like to encourage others to contact Internal Empowerment for a life changing experience.”

Michael Putney – Operations Manager, Complete Home Services | Aliso Viejo, CA

“As a leader in corporate America for 19 years in the healthcare customer service industry, I have found the use of personal empowerment through IEC highly beneficial, both personally and professionally.

Actively employing the tools I’ve learned has enabled me to enhance my behavior, choices, and trust in interacting with difficult personalities and cultures within my diverse work environment.

This is significant because I have had the privilege to receive corporate, private university, and ministerial training from some of the most highly esteemed and effective organizations. However, I have gained skills and perspectives from IEC that are far more valuable and practical than anything I’ve been taught elsewhere.

Using IEC’s techniques enabled me to be a better manager. I have seen a significant improvement in the productivity of my direct reports, impacting profitability and positively enhancing the work environment.

Specifically, my direct reports have become better communicators, producers, team players, and committed persons to our organization. This is a direct result of the personal training and 1-to-1 coaching I received from Dr. and Mrs. Triché and their organizational staff. I highly recommend IEC to any organization or individuals that seek to improve efficacy, increased productivity,s and goal attainment within their organization.”

Licole Brown – CS Lead, Abbott Medical Optics Student

“I have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, enjoyed a successful career, and raised two extraordinary human beings. That’s one side of me. I also struggled with low self-esteem, never quite felt I was understood or accepted, and endured a personal, professional, and legal trial that lasted over a decade.

To say that Scripture Therapy is a game changer is an understatement. As I learned the principles of Scripture Therapy it was like putting on eyeglasses for the first time! I looked around and marveled “Is this how everyone else has been operating?” It was freedom. It was fullness. It was illuminating. I began to really understand myself and my relationships. 

I also began to understand that I made every decision in my life to the best of my ability, with what I understood at the time, and because I loved God and myself. Clarity began to crowd out the mist of regret, “what if?,” and grief. Even “bad decisions” were made from the same spirit and operation. I learned tools to make effective decision by listening to the Holy Spirit and thinking (why aren’t we teaching this in school?)! I was able to see how I ended up where I was, what contributed to it, and what changes I could make to have a better and healthier future.

These courses illuminate new communication strategies, insight into healthy and unhealthy relationships, and tools to manage the past once and for all. This program will change your life. It will empower you to move forward with excitement and focus and leave your past in the past. It will change every relationship you have and will have; perhaps, most importantly it will change your relationship with yourself. 

You deserve this opportunity. Your family and friends deserve this opportunity. Your future self deserves this opportunity. Your past self deserves this opportunity. It is a life changer.

Kristin Davis – The “Waiting” Coach 

I enrolled in this course because the title piqued my curiosity and I wanted to see how the Triche’s blended the two topics: the Bible and Choice Theory principles.

At the beginning of this course, I had been married for a year after being widowed for twelve years.  I found the adjustments frustrating and I knew I had to take responsibility for my feelings and behavior.  I also knew I couldn’t change his behavior; I could only change mine.During the course I noticed my frustration decreasing and I became peaceful. The content of the course helped me understand why I was frustrated: our “quality worlds” (things we want) were not in sync. One of the fundamental differences is that I’m retired and my husband isn’t yet.

I needed to make some changes if I wanted to replace frustration with peace of mind.  I learned how to see things differently which helped me change my thoughts. For example, I retired from business world, he’s small business owner. I viewed situations through that lens. I was able to enlarge my view and begin seeing things the way he was seeing them and that helped us to relate better. 

I especially loved how the course gave me the opportunity to dig deeper into the Bible to answer questions. For example, in Chapter 8, “What does God say about frustration and how you should deal with it?”, I found:  2 Peter 1:5-6  For this very reason, make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, and virtue with knowledge, and knowledge with self-control, and self-control with steadfastness, and steadfastness with godliness. 

My relationship with my husband, myself, and God greatly improved after taking this course.  I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to know themselves  better, improve their relationships, and find peace of mind, i.e. happiness.” 

Rosemarie Sanches Rose – Retirec, IBM Corporation

“Corporate environments often are challenged with customer service obstacles, accounts receivable issues, and language translation complications. Therefore, I have used principles and practices of IEC to address these matters with ease.

In my position as Accounts Receivable/Credit Representative, I am fortunate to have learned to incorporate teachings of IEC as part of my daily activities to address corporate challenges. Facilitators of this organization taught me patience, self-reflection, and to remain focused on my corporate’s goals. I did this by realizing ‘the only behavior that I can control is my behavior.

Second, I look at my behavior as a means of addressing these stated challenges.

Third, I offer choices to customers that lead to effective communication and improved client relationships.

My personal efforts of stepping back and assessing situations from clients’ perspective, yielded enhanced relationships, improved communications, and enabled me to see solutions to obstacles from corporate and customers’ perspectives. Furthermore, using IEC’s principles enable me to tackle problems head on, with a clear and level head.

Finally, these principles enable me to take what I already know and blend teachings of IEC to strengthen and improve my ability to handle these difficult tasks. I feel comfortable knowing that I can put difficult situations on the table, sort through them, and determine best practices for problem-solving.

IEC’s training has made me a better person, in the long run: knowing I can respond to any situation with a positive and productive attitude, and solve any problem with confidence, knowing that I can use IEC’s principals and the personal mentoring of Dr. Les and RoxAnne Triché.”

Audra A. Cole – Accounts Receivable/Credit Representative, Motion Solutions

“As an education and business consultant, I work with individuals to discover their calling and unique design for greater satisfaction and success in life. I work with businesses prior and during the hiring process to confirm that any potential candidate is “just the right fit” for the company, preventing wasted time, money, and effort on hiring the wrong person. I also consult with businesses to resolve problems and dissatisfaction in the workplace on the employee or managerial end for greater productivity, satisfaction, and harmony in the workplace. Most issues are related to people not being designed for the position they are in. Through assessments and interviews, I am able to discover how to adapt positions and the workplace so everyone is working at their maximum effectiveness.

IE has been a tool that I recently added to my process which has allowed me to not only go deeper into understanding what a company and employee need, but it has especially allowed me to empower them with the ability to control their ultimate satisfaction in life and in the workplace through learning how to apply the IE process to their life. It gives everyone freedom from the need to control others and power to change themselves. I teach it to them for the workplace, but IE is beneficial in every area of life. It makes every relationship easier.”

Anne Marie Lockmyer – Grief Counsellor, Comfort for the Healing

“While attending several Internal Empowerment Coaching (IEC) seminars and lectures sponsored by Dr. Les Triché and his wife RoxAnne Triché, I found it a very rewarding exchange of self-motivational skills designed to empower one’s self-awareness, achieving one’s career goals, and dealing with everyday situations that would normally challenge one’s aspirations. I can’t express the boundless rewards I have gained while implementing these teachings into my everyday life, while being acting Security Director for Active Security Solutions.

Dr. Les and RoxAnne Triché’s teaching has also gained me a spiritual awakening in my life. As a flawed race, pushing past these imperfections, treating ourselves and others with love, respect, and the Triché’s teaching, we can strive for perfection.”

Everett King Cole – Security Director, Active Security Solutions

“One of life’s lessons is learning about ourselves. IEC helps individuals gain the skills, knowledge, abilities, and character that come with in-depth internal exploration. This allows us to develop empowerment strategies to overcome personal challenges in our everyday lives. Speaking from experience, life is one hell of a funny teacher.

I have made choices in the past that were not responsible, whether I felt I had something to prove, or lacked confidence, the choices I made moved me further from my goals. In school, we used calculators or note cards to help on tests. Well, IEC is what I use to help me in life.

The IEC program is a series of courses designed to empower individuals to make effective and responsible choices by using cognitive behavioral studies, or what we know as internal psychology.”

Jamie Gutierrez – Lead Supervisor, Walmart