We are working to make Scripture Therapy College & Seminary (STC&S) available to everyone! Whether you want to learn Scripture Therapy for your own growth and progress, or you want to increase your skills, knowledge, abilities, wisdom, understanding, and character to help others; we are developing programs to make that happen.

There are five areas where you can become certified, endorsed, degreed, and ordained:

  • Level-1, Certified (know, understand and apply materials)
  • Level 2, Endorsed Practitioner (complete practicums to learn to facilitate materials)
  • Level-3, Mentoring (Supervised Practicum or Internship to practice materials learned)
  • Level-4, Scripture Therapist (Officially certified as a Scripture Therapist, able to teach and conduct Scripture Therapy training sessions, and oversee mentors)
  • Level 4, Become a Scripture Therapy Minister (Ordained as a Scripture Therapy Minister, able to minister, teach and conduct Scripture Therapy training, ministry sessions, and oversee mentors)
  • Level 5, Earn an Associate, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate or PhD.

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STACT Counseling

The word ‘counseling’ brings up a variety of images for most people. We encourage you to put all those to the side because we use a very non-traditional approach.

Scripture Therapy and Choice Theory (STACT) Counseling involves gently and quickly addressing the needs you are facing today. There is no need to spend hours laying on a couch discussing the past. While we do not invalidate anyone’s past, we know that you are free today to make the choices that will meet your needs, right now.

This is exciting for everyone! We used the guidance of the Holy Spirit (God’s voice speaking to us), and the principles and applications of Choice Theory to meet you where you are, discover what you need, and support you as you chart a path for the life you want.

Most people are empowered to direct their life in 10 sessions or less. This is the natural time frame for learning and putting into practice Scripture Therapy.

We are called by God as teachers and counselors, ordained with His power to use the benefit of personal trials and excellent training to encourage people to self-counsel, and then counsel others.

Options for counseling included one-one-one sessions, groups, workshops, and conferences. Contact us to learn how we can partner with you to provide STACT Counseling