Our Goals Are To: 



  • Establish and maintain STC&S as a College and Seminary of Excellence for current and emerging mission, vision, purpose, goals and priorities.
  • Consistently deliver effective college-seminary teachings, counseling and leadership, training and education.
  • Provide timely, effective and responsible ministry, leadership, consultation and research, utilizing feedback from students, staff, and persons gifted in college-seminary operations, assessments and delivery services.
  • Secure, stabilize, develop, and properly apply funding, facilities, human resources, and information technology/audio visual processes in alignment with STC&S operational needs.

Our Foundation: 

The foundation of Scripture Therapy® College-Seminary’s mission, values and learning outcomes are  based on the Word of God and through the Word of God. We seek to help students discover “What God Wants Them to Have” and how to obtain it. 

Learning Outcomes are to provide rigorous, Christ-centered education and application, leading to Certifications, Degrees, Endorsements, Personal and Professional Enrichment.

Degrees and Certificates Offered

Degree Requirements:

  • Transferrable: College Credits 24 credits
  • Transferrable: Related Transferrable Credentials, Licenses, Certifications and Experience 24 credits
  • Associate requires a total of 60 credits of successful course completion
  • Bachelor requires a total of 120 credits of course completion (includes AA degree course work)
  • Masters requires 38 credits beyond the BA degree course completion; Master’s thesis required
  • Doctorate requires 48 credits beyond the MA degree course completion, Doctoral dissertation required

Ongoing Enrollment

STC&S Welcomes Ongoing Enrollment:

Under ongoing enrollment, candidates are invited to submit their applications anytime. STC&S will  review applications and notify the applicant of their decision in a reasonable timeframe of submission.


Degree Pricing:

  • AA: $1,600.00 (USD)
  • BA: $3,200.00 (USD
  • MA: $3,800.00 (USD)
  • Dr.: $4,800.00 (USD)
  • PhD: $5,800.00 (USD)

Certificate Pricing:

  • Biblical Peer Counseling: $1,254 (USD)
  • Governance and Administration: $1,254 (USD)
  • Internal Empowerment Coaching: $3,800 (USD)
  • Scripture Behavioral Health Practitioner Program: $2,370 (USD)
  • Scripture Therapy Certification Program: $3,600 (USD)

Course Catalogue

Ministry counseling and coaching are used simultaneously in STC&S education and training, recognizing that the terms means different things to different people, culture, and professions. However, STC&S does provide “counseling/coaching materials” that have proved to be effective and result-oriented in counseling/coaching sessions and may be used by professional and nonprofessional individuals. 

STC&S is not intended to provide a dictate of how you are to administer operations. It is not an all-inclusive manual but rather a guide to help you administer effective and efficient counseling and operations, as God desires.


Degree Requirements:

Skills and attitude learned associated with higher level learning objectives are implemented in a small group format that allow the student to meet both cognitive (lecture) and affective (practical application) learning objectives. In the small group, instructors will provide information that will assist students to understanding lesson content and how to apply their experiences.

Student Forms

 DISCLAIMER: Forms must be filled out and submitted using Acrobat Reader. For forms that require a signature, please print the form, sign it, scan the form and email to

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