Faith and Application

When we look at Choice Theory and the five basic needs that we all have, we see great opportunities to apply our faith in every aspect of our lives. Remember, we all have the same five needs, but we experience them in varying strengths.

Faith and Survival

The first basic need we all share is survival. It includes our need for food, shelter, safety, and reproduction. Our faith in Jesus includes a promise that He will care for us. In turn, we can be His hands and feet to others in need of food, shelter, and safety. (As for reproduction… we suggest lots of prayer and faith for that one!

Faith, Love, and Belonging

Love and belonging are the second need we all share. This is a great place to apply our faith as we show Christ’s love both to those in our Quality World, and those we come in contact with throughout each day.

Faith and Power

Within Choice Theory, the need for power is seen in those who want to achieve, be recognized, and see their ambitions realized. If this is important to you, you can express your faith while utilizing the gifts and talents God has given you. If power isn’t high on your needs list, celebrate the achievements of others who rate this need highly.

Faith and Freedom

This can be a tricky place for Christians to apply their faith. While it can feel comfortable to live in the freedom Christ gives us, it can be tempting to remove freedoms from others who are not living in a way we deem appropriate. Remember that you can only control yourself. The application of your faith in this area cannot involve taking freedom away from someone else.

Faith and Fun

When was the last time you had some good, clean, fun? Do you remember the last time you laughed until your sides ached? Fun and joy are an important part of Scripture Therapy. Go have some fun!

Applying your faith is an ongoing process. When you notice an area where you can do things differently as you live and share your faith, take that information and turn it into action.